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Our story

At TIEIC Ceramics, we exist to provide a seamless experience for North American importers in the flooring, wall coverings, and bathroom industry. Through our dedication to quality, exclusive designs, and localized service, we're reshaping the tile industry landscape.

Why Choose TIEIC?

Decades of Innovation and Growth


Our story begins with the establishment of a roof tile factory in Morbi, India


 We enter the wall tile market, producing our first 20x30cm tiles.


Expansion continues with a second wall tile factory, introducing 30x45cm & 30x60cm sizes.


Embracing cutting-edge technology, we install our first digital printing machine and start producing 30x90cm tiles.


A significant milestone as we launch our glazed porcelain tile factory.


Consolidation of operations as both wall tile factories move to the porcelain tile compound.


Diversification continues with the launch of our Subway Tile manufacturing plant.


TIEIC goes global with the establishment of our North American office in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.


Major expansion of our porcelain and ceramic factories with two new production lines.

Mastery in Tile Manufacturing

North American Focus: Your Local Advantage

TIEIC North America: Established 2021 in Langhorne, Pennsylvania

High-quality manufacturing

Exclusive designs

North American office for personalized service

Customization options

Expertise in North American market trends

Shaping the Future of Tile Design

Key Benefits:

Market-Specific Designs

Local Support Team

Streamlined Communication

Reduced Lead Times

On-Trend Product Development

Why It Matters:

Direct access to TIEIC expertise

Tailored solutions for USA and Canada

Faster response and delivery times

To become the Best Tiles & Bathroom Brand in North America

Our Vision

Our Mission is to design, manufacture & supply products for the North American markets using advanced technology & our expertise

Mission Statement

Made for the Americas

Exclusively customised for you

Quality is the only constant

Our Values

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