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At TIEIC Ceramics, we blend state-of-the-art technology with creative innovation to deliver unparalleled tile solutions for the North American market. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our world-class machinery and groundbreaking product innovations.

Our advanced machinery

Hydraulic Presses

Sacmi, Italy (Precision and power for superior tile formation)

Digital Printing

System Ceramics, Italy (Unmatched design capabilities and color accuracy)

Tile Finishing

Appel Machinery, Italy (Perfecting every detail for a flawless finish)

Production Lines

CMF Machinery, Italy (Streamlined efficiency for consistent quality)

Polishing Systems

Keda Polishing, China (Achieving the perfect surface shine and texture)

Glaze Application

Airpower, Italy (Precision glazing for durability and aesthetics)

TIEIC Ceramics Innovations

Porcelain Tile Innovations:

1. Polished Carving: A bold 3D effect combining glossy bases with matte depths for avant-garde designs.

3. Soft R10 Antislip: Practical yet stylish, offering secure footing without compromising on aesthetics.

4. Nebula Matt: Intense digital inks and special glazes bring dark marbles and rich stones to life.

2. Water Repellent Tile: Royal finish: Soft satin-like touch with digital ink glazing for unparalleled authenticity. Royal+ finish: Enhanced with patches of glossy digital inks for a contemporary flair.

Ceramic Tile Innovations:

1. Matt Ink with Luster Effect

3. High Depth Textures

4. 94 L-value Whiteness

2. High Depth Textures

Subway Tile Innovations:

1. Digital Printing Pioneers in India

3. Special Shapes (e.g., Picket)

2. Mixed Glaze (Gloss + Matt)

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