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At TIEIC Ceramics, we believe that true quality is achieved through rigorous standards and unwavering commitment. Our dual quality control process ensures that every tile leaving our factories meets the highest industry benchmarks, providing you with products that are Made for the Americas.

Our dual QC process

Quality control parameters

- Real-time monitoring of manufacturing parameters

1. Production-Stage Quality Check

- Immediate adjustments to maintain consistency

- Comprehensive assessment after cooling and settling

2. 48-Hour Post-Production Inspection

- Ensures long-term product integrity

We meticulously evaluate every order against these critical factors:

1. Color Matching: We use our design and technical expertise to match every production with the master tile . Our stringent process guarantees consistency across large orders, ensuring a flawless finish in your projects.

2. Surface Flatness: Using precision instruments, we measure surface deviations to within fractions of a millimeter. This ensures easy installation and a smooth, even surface in the final application.

3. Tile Strength: We conduct rigorous breaking strength tests to ensure our tiles exceed industry standards. This results in durable products that withstand heavy foot traffic and resist cracking under pressure.

4. Water Absorption: Our tiles undergo meticulous water absorption testing to verify their suitability for various environments. Low absorption rates ensure better frost resistance and longevity in moisture-prone areas.

5. Shade Variation: We carefully control and categorize shade variations to provide consistent aesthetics. This allows for seamless integration in large-scale projects and predictable outcomes for designers and installers.

6. Length & Width Precision: Using state-of-the-art measuring equipment, we ensure each tile meets exact dimensional specifications. This precision facilitates easier installation and creates a uniform, professional appearance.

7. Marker Test Performance: Our surface integrity test uses specialized markers to detect microscopic surface imperfections. This ensures a flawless finish and optimal performance of glazes and surface treatments.

8. Glossiness: We use advanced gloss meters to measure and control the reflectivity of our tiles. This ensures consistent appearance across batches and allows us to achieve the exact finish specified by our clients.

9. Surface Integrity: Our comprehensive surface evaluation identifies and eliminates issues like pinholes, dimples, or glaze defects. This results in tiles with pristine surfaces that meet the highest aesthetic standards.


1. CE Certified

2. ISO 9001:2015 Compliant

Why our quality matters:

Experience the TIEIC quality difference.


(Request product samples today.)

 Consistent performance in diverse North American environments

 Reduced waste and installation issues

Long-lasting beauty and durability

Peace of mind for importers and end-users

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